Raconteur 2X EXTRA EDP 50ml

Fragrance Family

Aromatic, Citrus, Earthy

Australian. Summer.
Raconteur's second eau de parfum is a limited edition fragrance of only 250 bottles. All are individually numbered.

2X - Extra is more intense and has more spicy citrus facets than Raconteur 2X.

Love. Beach. Day. Greens. Lush.
Sand. Midday. Hot. Spice.
Cocktails. Flirtatious. Citrus. Sparkling.
Breezes. Cooling. Waves. Lapping.
Town. Night. Leather.
Moss. Cove. Secret. Woods.

Seductive Head: bergamot, litsea, galbanum, lemon, fig leaf, violet leaf
Heart: lilly, leather accord, blackcurrant bud
Base: sandalwood, amber, vetiver, moss, nagarmotha

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