Fragrance Collection – Punk Motel EDP 100ml

Fragrance Family

Floral, Musk

Bright, delicate but at the same time of character, enveloping. The light of bergamot and white rose petals are “dirty” with salicylates that give it a slightly salty appearance without marine scents, but like the wind that comes from the sea and crosses the desert. The bottom is extremely enveloping, mosses and vanilla round off the fragrance linked together by the character of ambrette seeds to create an accord that does not go unnoticed.

Top: White Rose, Bergamot
Middle: Salicylates
Base: Ambrette, Musk, Vanilla 

Punk Motel is the perfect fusion of sweet, pretty tones with a dirty, animalic, musky underside. The softness of Vanilla and Ambrette leaves a delicate warmth on the skin while an almost salty, sweaty sea accord is created with the Salicylate note. A perfume that isn't as innocent as it smells initially, full of contrasts and answering to no one! We get great longevity, at least 8 hours on the skin with a close and intimate wear.

We love that Punk Motel is absolutely not what you would expect from a perfume named Punk Motel. But that's the whole point of punk rock right? It doesn't care what you think or expect, it runs its own race and makes its own rules. There is something so deliciously enticing to this fragrance without ever landing in the 'too sweet' world, its the type of scent that you need to go back to, to let yourself be enveloped in, and to go out and be noticed in.

Luca Maffei

Created by Italian born couple Francilla and Michelangelo, working from their (family owned) gothic castle in the heart of Rome, Coreterno is a unique and renowned candle brand that combines Renaissance art with modern rock n roll references. As an ode to their ancestry, Coreterno reference their Italian history of art throughout the collection, even working with an artisan design house to create their (patented) labels that dates back to the Renaissance. In 2020 Coreterno launched their fragrance collection reflecting the world of rock n roll, pop and underground music from the 70s, along with a passion for classic art masterpieces fallen into oblivion, recovered and projected into a future that has a rebellious soul. The perfume collection is imbued with hope and positivity. Each fragrance has a mystical, enveloping and unconventional power that will awaken the inner rockstar in you.

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