Perfume pod

Perfume Pod – Hot Pink

The ultimate fragrance accessory.

Perfume Pods are fantastic, the perfect way to carry your signature scent around with you, everywhere!

Don't waste your time (and precious fragrance) pouring your fragrance into atomisers, the patented technology in these bad boys make decanting your perfume quick, simple and fuss free!

8.5cm tall
1.8cm diameter
14g weight

The Perfume Pod is shatterproof and scratch resistant, your precious fragrance is perfectly protected

The Technology:
All Perfume Pod products are using the latest refill technology. The red Genius-S Opening of the Perfume Pod guarantees highest quality and safety standards that ensure a simple, fast and safe filling of your perfume atomiser. Treat yourself to a quick Perfume Pod with easy usage, which you can have always and everywhere!

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