Natural Laundry Soap – Méga Propre 50ml

A wonderful all-purpose Laundry Liquid Soap, Kerzon’s Méga Propre is inspired by the memory of how your favorite detergent smelled growing up. The rich liquid infuses linens with a stunning scent that blends a rose floral heart against a lightly ambered cedar base. Tested under dermatological control, Méga Propre Laundry Soap is non-irritating and respectful of sensitive skin. Its natural formula guarantees a radiant clean and protects your textile’s supple softness day in and day out.

Made in France. 

- Softening and soothing formula
- Dermatological tested
- Non-irritating and respectful of sensitive skin
- Ensures a dazzling clean for all purpose washing
- Perfect size for trying out the range
- Machine and hand-wash friendly
- 100% recyclable bottle

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