Midnight In Milan Gift Set Mother’s Day Limited Edition

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The Glasshouse Mother’s Day Collection is playfully packaged with artworks by Shira Barzilay, bringing to life portraits of those we hold dear.

Shira Barzilay is a fashion illustrator based in Tel-Aviv known for her expressive and abstract line drawings. Her recognised illustrated figure, named Koketit (means stylish girl in French slang) tells her story of fashion through vibe, attitude and style. Barzilay’s illustrations have been used in collaboration with international brands such as Roberto Cavalli and H&M.

After all the popping flashes stop, dresses unzip and heels come off. Saffron and Amber mixed with Rose comes from somewhere, and you giggle and run for what’s next in the night. It’s the end of the runway, and the real beginning of Milan.

60g Midnight in Milan Candle
14mL Midnight in Milan EDP
+ Illustrated Travel Bag

Candle Fragrance
Top: Saffron
Middle: Rose
Base: Moss, Dry Amber, Musk

Top: Saffron, Blackcurrant
Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Ambergris
Base: Moss, Dry Amber, Maltol, Musk, Cedar

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