Miller et bertaux

Menta y Menta Soap 100g

A boxed soap using the fragrance, Menta y Menta by Miller et Bertaux.

Refreshing and uplifting. Grab it as a little extra gift with the matching fragrance!

The fragrance:
Menta y Menta is inspired by a minimal and unique evocation: that of a bouquet of freshly picked mint. Peppermint, Moroccan Mint, the overwhelming refreshing scent of an ice cold glass of mint tea. Crisp and refreshing, Menta y Menta takes us on an unusual green and aromatic journey. An unlikely pairing of Mint and Coffee, this scent it perfectly balanced to fuse the sharp green tones with a creamy, earthy and smooth undertone in its base which grounds this sensual fragrance. Almost watery in its freshness, Menta y Menta evokes that feeling of quenching a thirst on a hot summers day. Satisfied, cooled and ready to step back out into the sun.

Top: Citrus Zest, Moroccan Mint
Middle: Jasmine, Tea Leaves
Base: Roasted Coffee Beans

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