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La Botanique – Tenebrae 26 EDP 75ml


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L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrances create the perfect harmony between nature and the imaginary. La Botanique is Daphne Bugey’s imagined gardens around the world, an abstract and fantasized vision, celebrating nature in its most peculiar and mysterious forms. Stemming from the philosophy that the Cabinet of Curiosities played a major role in the circulation of knowledge and ideas, the La Botanique collection pays homage to Emille Deyrolles work, specializing in flora and fauna. Deyrolle’s mission was to explain the Earth to people – committed to the 3 fields of activities – Nature, Art, Education. To draw inspiration from nature, to enhance its beauty through art and to transmit this to people through education. 
La Botanique explores nature in its most abstract, creating a mysterious olfactive experience. The power of the imagination, bringing nature to life through scent, each number noted on the bottle refers to the number of edits that were made to the original formula. The incredible artwork throughout the La Botanique collection is by renowned English illustrator Katie Scott. Fascinated by plants and their anatomy, Katie takes her inspiration from 17th Century botanical drawings and loves bringing the hidden and peculiar details to life much in the way medieval illustrators did, yet in her own contemporary style.

Tenebrae 26 plunges us into the heart of a mystical dark woodland. A Shamanic forest where Incense fumes infuse the pure Sap. One needs to look through the leaves at the top, to catch a glimpse of the sun, although it tries hard to shine through this impenetrable and mysterious forest. We find ancient trees with roots that have formed gnarled sculptures, and willowy trunks covered in resin grow towards the skies, in pursuit of light. What appears dark at first is quite magical in Tenebrae 26. The pursuit of sun and light engulfs the wonderful and enchanted forest.

Top: Incense
Middle: Sap, Fir
Base: Woody Notes, Olibanum

Tenebrae 26 has great longevity, we get at least 8 hours on the skin. And the wear is beautiful, the warm resins mingle with the Incense so delicately and seamlessly. We also get a note of Pine coming through which really transports us to the middle of a deep and dark magical forest.


We love the soft and deep woody resins in Tenebrae 26. They sit close to the skin with their wonderful warmth, smelling like freshly chopped woods from the forest. The Incense note brightens the fragrance and we love that it represents the forest moving (or in Incense’s sense – wafting) upwards toward to the sun and light. As this fragrance moves from dark woods to smoky, light it envelops the skin in the most delightful way.


Daphne Bugey

L’Artisan Parfumeur, the original niche perfume house was launched in 1976. The iconic French perfume house has paved the way for niche perfumes, while working with some of the world’s best noses. L’Artisan Parfumeur continues to innovate and create artisan, niche perfumes. A perfume collection for the perfume connoisseurs, L’Artisan’s signature perfume style remains at the forefront of the niche perfume world setting trends and creating unique masterpieces.

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