Flâneries à Paris – Jardin du Luxembourg Candle 185g

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Paris is one big party! In the world’s most beautiful city, each memory has its own fragrant counterpart.

Like the memory of an after-school saunter to go watch the boats on the "Luco" basin, Kerzon's Jardin du Luxembourg Candle reveals a head of green almond with a heart of lime and lilac on a honey base. A nod to the garden’s many beehives. Kerzon candles feature natural biodegradable wax, a braided pure-cotton wick, and a subtle perfume composed with a variety of quality raw materials.

Made in France.

- Olfactory blend is lilac and honey
- 100% natural wax and pure cotton wick
- Low environmental impact and Imprim’vert labeled printing process
- Reusable and recyclable glass
- Recyclable paper cases sourced from sustainably managed forests

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"This candle was lovely when burning, not too intense at all, but has lingered for ages! Burnt for about an hour last night and could still smell it when entering our room this morning at 7am quite clearly. Smells like lillies and my grandmother's garden, absolute heaven."