Infinity Care System Set

Over thousands of years, the harsh Northern climate has nurtured plants with extraordinary properties. Those deep roots, bitter leaves and gnarled barks have healed wounds and saved lives.
Biotechnology has transformed their timeless wisdom into this immunocompetent serum and probiotic mist to unleash your skin’s infinite immunity potential. The system empowers your skin like never before enabling more effective responses to outer challenges and improving your skin’s overall condition, texture and looks for your most confident skin ever.

Infinity Drops Immuno-Serum, 30 ml
Infinity Mist Probiotic Essence, 100 ml Suitable for all skin types – especially dry, stressed, sensitized, atopic and ageing skin.
Mist the Probiotic Essence onto a clean face and and décolleté.
Follow with the Immuno-Serum. Wait for 1–2 minutes, top with a moisturiser.

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