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Indian Study EDP 100ml

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Indian study is a duo of the Mysore sandalwood, which has the reputation of being the best quality of the Indian Sandalwood and bark of the Santalwood Amyris with its purifying virtues.
Mysore Sandalwood oil is produced in trees that have matured for around 50 – 60 years and is in high demand as it has become endangered. In India it is considered as a royal tree. The ancient art of Ayurveda has relied on sandalwood for years as its healing benefits cannot be matched. Amyris Sandalwood has a warm soft and musty aroma and is more commonly known as West Indian Sandalwood. Indian study is also the perfume of a masala mix with milky scents of curry and cumin. Indian study has all the refinement of wood varnish of Indian musical instruments to bewitching raga, an exaggeration of sandalwood which drowns in a sensuality, all Indian and musky.

With notes of Mysore Sandalwood, Amyris, Cumin, Curry, Woods and Musk.

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