Flâneries à Paris – Parc Monceau Candle 185g


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The moment is bucolic. At the edge of La Naumachie’s basin, along the oval colonnade, the white flowers thrive. As a tribute to this generous bouquet, the Parc Monceau scent reveals a radiant vegetation with an aquatic head and a round, milky heart of tuberose, jasmine and lily of the valley. Kerzon candles feature natural biodegradable wax, a braided pure-cotton wick, and a subtle perfume composed with a variety of quality raw materials.
Made in France

– Olfactory blend is tuberose & grapefruit
– 100% natural wax and pure cotton wick
– Low environmental impact and Imprim’vert labeled printing process
– Reusable and recyclable glass
– Recyclable paper cases sourced from sustainably managed forests 


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