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Ummm, heart shaped makeup removed pads… Yes please! 

Louvelle’s pure heart cleansing cushions remove makeup and impurites with ease, whilst looking super cute at the same time.

No need for cleansers, simply remove makeup with only water…
Plush microfibre strands lift dirt and makeup from the face and trap it in the strands.

Reusable – machine washable and long lasting. Sustainable – no more disposable cleansing wipes and cotton pads.

Compact: great for travel and the gym bag.

Saturate the Face Lover makeup removing pad in water in the shower or basin and wipe over the face. For heavy eye makeup, re-saturate the Face Lover and hold on the eyes for 3 seconds before wiping.

Squeeze and rinse in soapy water after each use and hang to dry. Machine wash in delicates bag or hand wash. No fabric softener. We recommend doing this betwen every 1-3 uses. Line dry is optimal (tumble dry on low setting only).


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