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Deodorant Cream Lavender 70g

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Our best selling deodorant here at Lore! Staff and regulars LOVE this deodorant.

A highly effective deodorant cream which is rubbed directly into armpits. It absorbs straight away and doesn?t leave a sticky feeling or stain clothing.

Rub directly into armpits when required.
Kaolin clay, bi-carbonate of soda, shea butter, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, patchouli essential oil, orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, arrowroot flour, maize flour (non GMO)


2 reviews for Deodorant Cream Lavender 70g.

  1. Lore Team- Hannah

    The only deodorant you will ever need again, A unisex completely natural deo, that actually works. This is my go to, I’ve gifted it to many and it now their go to deodorant. It took a little to get used to using a paste, but now I wont go back to the roll on application. Paste for the win.

  2. Jan

    Absolutely love this product. People ask me what perfume I am wearing as the lovely essential oils keep generating their smell all day.
    Have used many natural deodorants but this is a stand out.

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