Aphrodite Scented Candle – The Female Energy 240g

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The Female Energy
It is the epitome of life. The mysterious depth of a woman's essence. Set your feminine wildness, your whimsical creativity and your mysteriously sexual nature free. The Female Energy is a rich, warm scent that is smoky and rough in one moment yet gentle and smooth in another. A fragrance inspired by the power of female energy!

The Aphrodite Collection is dedicated to the powerful, revolutionary and immortal energy of love. Be brave. Take risks. Believe in your dreams. Be a rebel, a saint, a fool. Fight, rise, fall, but never lose faith in love.

Coreterno has created a unique piece of art with their Aphrodite collection - using patented technology to emboss real gold leaf into aluminium to create their impressive vessels. They recently won an award at the Milan Packaging Design Awards for their candle range. Featuring a vegetable wax blend, with a 60 hour burn time. Vegan, cruelty free, paraben free.

Grapefruit, Malaysian Nutmeg, Ginger, Navy Cavendish Tobacco, Sweet Violet

This fragrance in Coreterno's candles is complex and sophisticated. Working closely to create each scent with perfumers, Coreterno scented candles fill a space easily without overwhelming. Coreterno candles burn for 60 hours.

We love then message of The Female Energy candle - strong, feminine and free! The scent is warm and delicious and we love the Kiss reference in the image...and freeing the nip!

Conceived in Rome, then launched in New York by Italian born couple Francilla and Michelangelo. Working from their (family owned) gothic castle in the heart of Rome, Francilla and Michelangelo have created a unique and exquisite brand that combines Renaissance art with modern Rock n Roll references. As an ode to their ancestry, Coreterno reference their Italian history of art throughout the collection, even working with an artisan design house to create their (patented) labels that dates back to the Renaissance. Coreterno is designed to inspire, promote creativity and confidence. Handmade in Italy, Coreterno is a luxury designer lifestyle brand that combines art, beauty, design, spirituality and positivity.

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"I love everything about this candle. The smell, the visual and the way it makes me feel when I burn it. Luxurious, with a touch of rock & roll – everything about it leaves me feeling fabulously feminine, nurtured and most importantly like it ain’t so bad being stuck inside through iso🥰"

Lore Team - Clea