Cocktails & Kaftans Perfume Oil 15ml


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Summer holiday love. Sunset cocktails and warm tropical breezes, sunshine on your shoulders and you’ll swear you heard the ocean crashing in the distance. 


Top: Blood Orange

Middle: Chempaka, Jasmine Grandiflora, Jasmine Sambac

Base: Amber, Geranium


Rhiannon Mapstone


Cocktails & Kaftans is the ultimate pure jasmine scent with a bright juicy twist, opening with that rich, zingy blood orange. The jasmine is potent and intoxicating, but not too sweet, rounded out by resinous amber and earthy geranium. This fragrance oil really sticks around, lasting about 6 hours on the skin. 


We love how Cocktails & Kaftans is a way to take your summer holiday with you wherever you go. This scent is like sun on your skin while you drink a zesty, fruity cocktail by the pool on a hot day. The smell of jasmine wafts past, carried by a salty sea breeze, and you feel completely at peace. 


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