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Champ de Fleurs EDC 100ml

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Clean, Floral, Fresh, Fruity

The dawn of Spring - while the air is fresh, the first buds are beginning to bloom and the first scent of Spring wafts through the air. Small lily bells and jasmine, while still developing, breathe in the humidity of the dawn. A fragrance that promises optimism as does the dawn of a new day. This white bouquet, is covered with a scintillating dew – the crisp and bright air of a dewy morning. Sparkling, clean and joyful, the top note of grapefruit and juicy pear brighten this perfume.
The delicate fruity accord then merges with the jasmine petals and the slightly damp morning lily of the valley, which grows in Spring. Gradually, the white cedar gives way to the musk and amber notes that envelop the bouquet with an infinite sweetness. Fresh and airy, this fragrance lasts well on the skin, giving the effect of that light, sweet first aroma of Spring! This perfume has that clean floral gentleness, like when you pull out your favourite cashmere jumper and it still has the subtle scent of the last time you wore it. There’s some smooth musk, a jasmine brightness. It feels clean, gentle and comforting.

Top Notes – Grapefruit, Pear
Middle Notes – Jasmine, Lily
Base Notes – Cedarwood, Musk, Amber

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