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Champ de Baies EDC 100ml

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Clean, Fresh, Fruity, Gourmand
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The middle of summer, the weather is warm but the morning is mild so you take advantage of the morning weather for a walk in nature, along the fields.
Walking through the fields you find a tangle of brambles – blackberry and raspberry bushes line the fields and the smell in the warm summer air is both unexpected and refreshing. The smell of the fruits flesh as they are soaked in morning dew and warmed by the summer sun is invigorating. This scent is almost sparkling! With the sharp sweetness of berries and the lightness of the summer breeze this fragrance is clean and uplifting.

The perfect scent for warmer weather as it never enters sickly sweet territory, it Is purely refreshing and effervescent. An incredibly happy scent that you could wear anywhere and anytime with its grace and elegance.

Top Notes – Pear, Bergamot, Rhubarb
Middle Notes – Jasmine, Raspberry, Blackberry
Base Notes - Musk. Patchouli, Cedarwood, Amber 

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"LOVE this fragrance❤️ The initial scent is lovely, the dry down even better! I would say this fragrance is suitable for any age even though I think our preference for a more sophisticated perfume can kick in as we age. This is very feminine and soft enough to reapply, particularly on a warm day when feeling a “recharge of the battery” is needed. Even the bottle is likened to a heavy cut crystal. Like the Champ de Baies itself, conservative but definitely not boring. “Classy” is my word for this one."