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Carrière Frères X The Museum Acacia Candle 185g


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In collaboration with the Paris National Museum of Natural History, Carrière Frères highlights an exceptional collection of plants that are unusual, exotic, or packed with history.

By working with the National Museum of Natural History, Carrière Frères has chosen to reconnect with botany’s historical wealth and centuries of enlightened research. Beginning in the 19th Century, when
Carrière Frères was established, and the sciences and botany worked to serve industry and progress. The Museum is the guarantor of this legacy. In the heart of its archives is a collection of vellum paper (drawings on parchment) that is unique in all the world.
Its partnership with the Museum allows Carrière Frères to reinforce its interest in the rich botanical and zoological illustrations that date from the early 17th Century to the mid-19th Century. These drawings are of a fineness rarely seen; the coloured plates making up the Museum’s vellums reveal rare or unusual plants, and inspire new geographic and olfactory exploration.

Native to the eastern U.S., the acacia, or black locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia), has lush, cool green foliage, flat pods that hold their seeds and clusters of sweet, cream-coloured flowers. Named by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in honor of Jean Robin (1550-1629), botanist to the French King Henry IV, who introduced the tree into France, it has been cultivated in Europe since the 17th Century. The tree can live for over 300 years, and today you can still see two unique specimens, planted by the King’s gardener, in Paris: one in the Jardin des Plantes, sown in 1636; another in the city centre, in Square René-Viviani, not far from Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, which dates from 1601 and is the oldest Parisian tree.


At first, you can detect a verdant coolness, revealed by green notes from violet leaves. The scent then releases multiple golden floral tones, sunny and honey-filled, that echo its sweet smelling blooms, whose aroma resembles that of an orange tree. The acacia absolute’s round, enveloping character awakens powdery notes, both green and flowery.


45 – 50 hours


In 1884, the Carrière brothers bought the manufacturing factory of Cire Trudon. Whilst their workshop in Normanby still produces both Cire Trudon and Carrière Frères candles, the concept was to fuse ancient savoir-faire, embrace modernity and also build a legacy.

Following the highest standards, innovating, and using only the finest ingredients, Carrière Frères composes fragrances like a periodic table. Carrière Frères group and hero scents extracted from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, and trees. Like aromatherapy, the range finds inspiration in the many benefits of each plant. This simple approach aims to reveal the natural power of botanicals. Each scent in the range releases the poetic language of nature when smelt.


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