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Cap d’Antibes EDP 30ml


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Each perfume in Albert’s private collection was born from a memory of a place or of a person – transforming them into extraordinary fragrances to conserve them in time.

Inspired by long luxurious holidays in Antibes along the French Riviera – luxury yachts, grand villas, chic resorts, jazz festivals and a buzzing nightlife. Antibes was Albert Fouquet’s favourite place in the entire world, he would spend entire summers there, enjoying his time on the water. He spent his days sailing and his nights at exclusive parties on balmy summer evenings. Fouquet dreamed of these summers during cold Parisienne winters so created this fragrance to capture these memories of summer – the memory of being on the water.

This fragrance was made purely for Fouquet’s enjoyment (and rumoured to be his favourite amongst the collection) – it is aquatic and aromatic. Rich and masculine, Cap d’Antibes tells the tale of summer perfectly.

Top: Birch, Mint, Violet Leaves
Middle: Aromatic Notes, Cinnamon, Moss
Base: Cedarwood, Incense, Vanilla

Albert Fouquet

The perfume with history – Eight and Bob was created by Albert Fouquet, the son of a French aristocrat. In a room on the upper floor of the family château, Fouquet created and perfected various essences for his own personal use aided by Philippe, the trusted family butler. At social events his fragrance was in high demand, however Fouquet continually rejected proposals to market his fragrance. His fragrances were for his own delight, his own creative fulfillment and very personal as they told the stories of his favourite people and places. This all changed however, one night in 1937 when Fouquet met a young John F Kennedy who fell in love with his fragrance and the rest, as they say is history…  

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Cap d’Antibes is strong and rich. We find that it lasts on the skin for generally 6 to 8 hours but still leaves a hint of summer there after this amount of time. it’s quite a rich scent offering many hours of development on the skin. Once settled you’ll notice a beautiful mix or green and spice lingering.

We love the way that Cap d’Antibes brings the scent of the open ocean alive in this fragrance. It is a classic, elegant masculine scent. Classic aquatic, this is the scent of the ocean and all its depth. The rich wood of the sail boats, the cool breeze echoed through the Mint. This is the memory of Albert’s favourite place, and to be fair, we’re pretty envious, because when we smell Cap d’Antibes we have a yearning to go there too! Classic and elegant, chances are this cool, calm and all but coy fragrance will lure you in too if you ever catch a whiff. We love the classic vibe this scent offers on first sniff, and then the complex development that shines a light on all the beautiful notes. This elegant blend is aromatic and spicy and offers hints of masculinity, that we love.

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