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Inspired by the glorious, intense sun as it rises slowly over the citadel in this ancient city, Cairo. Like liquid gold that fills the sky. Now, the early morning murmur of life is about to burst through, much the same as spring does after winter. The exquisite skyline of Cairo reflects mathematical genius and bears testimony to the cradle of scholarship that is this city. This Mediterranean melting pot is home to a thousand minarets and a thousand fragrant gems. The birth place of fragrance, Cairo fuses the iconic note of Damascan Rose with an abundance of woods and spices to create an opulent depth fitting for a city like Cairo. An ornate and sumptuous composition that echoes with Saffron and Incense, an ode to the perfumes originally created in Egypt for royalty, the perfume of the gods. Patchouli and Vanilla soften the base with the familiar reassurance of dusk. The harmony that dusk brings and the knowing that another sunrise is once again, not far away.

Top: Damascan Rose, Saffron
Middle: Labdanum, Cypriol, Vanilla
Base: Sri Lankan, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Atlas Cedarwood

Christophe Raynaud

Elegant and rich, Cairo tends to last around 8 hours on our skin. You can expect it to leave a spicy trail with a rich sophistication that one would imagine would have been reserved for royalty. The voluptuous scent of the Rose and the warmth of Vanilla blend with the woods and mosses creating a real depth and intensity to Cairo. Then the exotic hint of Saffron comes out on the skin and mingles beautifully with the deep and powerful notes of Cairo.

A spicy scent with a deep rich elegance. For us the Rose shines through, sweet and rich like its namesake city Cairo. The scent of Rose and Saffron drapes over the skin with a touch of Labdanum which was traditionally burned at the temples for the Gods. It’s no wonder this fragrance feels like wearing liquid gold.

A classic English perfume house, William Penhaligon owned a barbershop, which became a perfumery in 1870, launching his first fragrance in 1872. This fragrance was created regularly for its many fans until the store was destroyed in The Blitz of 1941. Despite the store being destroyed, the fragrance house endured and was honoured with a Royal Warrant by the Duke of Wellington in 1956 for manufacturing toiletries. Many of the classic scents in Penhaligon’s collection remain to this day, while many modern scents have been added. Penhaligon’s remain true to William Penhaligon’s vision of fine, traditional perfumes and techniques.


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