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Part of the ‘Evocations Collection’, telling the story of the scent of specific locations – sweet, unspoiled, eternal nature. Brittany Breeze is inspired by the Atlantic Winds. Off the coast of Brittany, the ocean winds fill the sails of a clipper which is sailing towards the horizon. The aromatic tones of the sea breeze – refreshing on the skin yet also slightly icy at times. The breeze is uplifting, keeping you alert on the high seas. An Eau de Parfum with sea accents and a hint of iodine and sea spray. The bright minty notes and aromatic herbs dominate, over a woody, spicy and chypré base creating the grounding depth that time spent in nature, and particularly the powerful and unruly ocean always does.

Top: Peppermint, Spearmint, Star Anise, Artemisia, Bergamot
Middle: Thyme, Lavender, Galbanum, Geranium, Green Violet
Base: Vetiver, Cedar, Tonka Bean, Cumin, Oak Moss

Delphine Thierry

Brittany Breeze is an Eau de Parfum that should last anywhere from 6 – 8 hours on the skin. It’s fresh mint and herbaceous marine opening, reveals a surprising array of florals just beneath the surface to eventually settle into an earthy, aromatic bed of fresh grasses, moss and woods. Moderate to strong projection and longevity.

Like standing on the very shore of Brittany itself, we love how this luxurious sea breeze classic, with its air of fresh, aromatic richness and touch of deep sea depth, conjures visions of salty, sea adventures with colourful tales to tell, or a scene of crisp, clean, linen aloft in the fresh seaside air. Either way, this fragrance captures the very essence of the town it’s named for and is sure to draw compliments aplenty.

Born in 1774, Pierre-Francois Lubin lived in a period thought to be the most eventful in France’s history. He began his career as a perfume apprentice at the age of 10 to the famous Jean-Louis Fargeon in 1784. During this time under Fargeon’s tutelage, Lubin came to be entrusted with the beauty recipes of the French Royal Court. Fargeon came from a dynasty of expert perfumers and was Marie Antoinette’s official fragrance supplier. Renowned as the ‘holder of the secrets of beauty of the old court of France’ and thanks to his illustrious patronage, Lubin became the favourite perfumer of many European Courts. In 1821, he became the appointed official supplier of the King of England George IV. Then, in 1823 perfumer to the great Tsar of Russia Alexander I.

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