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Bois d’enfants EDP 50ml


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Bois d’enfants is inspired by Mohamed Rebatchi’s childhood memory of summer walks through the Saint Hilaire de Riez forest, picking blackberries by the seaside. Taking a floral wood to a new level, Bois D’enfants is an aromatic blend of Pink Pepper, Iris, Freesia, Raspberry and Pine. Teetering on the line of subtle sweetness, a true stand out of modern perfumery.

The perfumer, Karine’s inspiration for this fragrance: “It is reminiscent of a walk in Vendée, through the Saint Hilaire de Riez forest, where Mohamed Rebatchi spent his summers as a child. In the shadows of the forest, the spicy salty freshness of pink pepper essence, emphasized by a touch of rose essence, blend together with somber May rose absolute. As the wind picks up, brightness returns carried by a note of freesia that merges with bergamot. Iris draws a vertical floral woody line to the maritime pines, swept away by the breeze and brimming with sap heated by the sun, taking on incense and balsam fir accents”

The packaging, a timeless glass bottle adorned with an Arabic pattern. Embossed petal, delicate, symbolic and timeless. The colors are bright and they reflect the light.

Top: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Rose Essence
Middle: May Rose Absolute, Freesia, Iris, Incense, Cedar, Pine
Base: Sandalwood, Fir Balsam, Raspberry, Vanilla, Musks

We love the sweet kick to this fragrance whilst keeping the depth in the florals and woods. It is a well balanced fragrance with the right amount of everything!

The dark and woody notes in this fragrance are brightened by the Raspberry, Pink Pepper and Bergamot. It instantly transports us deep into a dark forest with the light breaking through the trees. Dark and moody yet light and bright. A perfect balance on the skin.

Karine Chevallier

Maison Rebatchi was born from founder Mohamed Rebatchi’s passion for fragrances since childhood. Working with some of the best perfumers in the industry, Mohamed gave them free reign to create these masterpieces. Each perfumer took inspiration from raw ingredients, a note or a memory from Mohamed’s childhood. Not stopping at fragrances, the Masion Rebatchi range also includes stunning candles produced from masters in the field spanning over 3 decades. From the bottle, to the box, to the juice and wax, not one part of this range hasn’t been perfected. Simply elegant and a fragrance for everyone. Life is a journey, from Paris to Alger. The Maison Rebatchi range is an invisible link naturally unfolded between the multicultural origins of Mohamed Rebatchi, a bridge between France and the Near East.

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