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The mysteries of Mesopotamia “At once remote and all around.” What earthly magic lays behind the stories of Babylon? What mysteries of Mesopotamia lie untold? An antique den of iniquity, or the majestic wonder of the ancient world? A decadent warmth is bathed in vanilla. And otherwise powerful and deep textures, are crafted into a whole that is endlessly voluptuous and smooth. Distinguished notes of sandalwood and cedar are brought to life with saffron and nutmeg, the blend permeated with the addictive scent of vanilla. Quietly reminiscent of the reassuring smell of the divine.

Top: Saffron, Nutmeg, Coriander
Heart: Cypriol (Nagarmota)
Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood (Atlas)


Babylon opnes with a sweet warmth but this sweetness settles quite quickly and the woody notes come out, along with the spice. This is one of the best spicy Vanilla fragrances out there as the wood tempers the Vanilla; it is addictive and delicious without ever feeling cloying. There is a rich decadence and the longevity is amazing.

We love the mysterious quality to this fragrance, Babylon is rich and decadent, smooth and silky. It feels incredibly luxurious, and conjures an image of wearing the finest slinky, silk dress while swaying to the music, drinking whiskey by an open fire. It is bitterly cold outside, but warm and inviting inside, and also utterly elegant of course.

A classic English perfume house, William Penhaligon owned a barbershop, which became a perfumery in 1870, launching his first fragrance in 1872. This fragrance was created regularly for its many fans until the store was destroyed in The Blitz of 1941. Despite the store being destroyed, the fragrance house endured and was honoured with a Royal Warrant by the Duke of Wellington in 1956 for manufacturing toiletries. Many of the classic scents in Penhaligon’s collection remain to this day, while many modern scents have been added. Penhaligon’s remain true to William Penhaligon’s vision of fine, traditional perfumes and techniques.


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