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The Cra-yon fragrance collection adds colour, energy and life to your social calendar taking the wearer to different situations and moods via scent. Art Life is inspired by experiencing your life as an ongoing work of art. Throughout all of the good and bad times, the challenges and wins, the love and loss – we are constantly creating our own art through our own life and choices. Radiating inspiration, passion and gratefulness for our most precious gift, and the greatest artwork of all – your own life. Art Life is a fresh, citrus, woody scent; Cra-yon have utilised creativity enhancing essential oils in their blend to stimulate your creativity in whatever endeavour you take on in life.

Top: Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit
Middle: Lily, Neroli, Rose, Fig
Base: Cedarwood, Powdery Musks, Earthy Notes, Vetiver, Tonka


Art Life opens with a bright and sparkly citrus burst. It is zesty and a little sharp but it gets our attention immediately. Then after about 15 minutes we get the wonderful Fig note shining through. It is creamy, sweet and juicy. When the base notes have appeared they simply create a clean and earthy scent with a lovely fruity twist. We generally get around 6 hours wear with this fragrance, it is gentle on the skin and sits closely giving you just enough of the scent throughout your day.


We love the positivity of this fragrance. Cra-yon has used essential oils that enhance creativity and positivity, so how can you not love this?! We put this scent on and feel alive, there is a zest for life in Art Life, an enthusiasm for the day ahead and appreciation of the day that has been. There are only good vibes with Art Life.


Perfume to add colour and energy to your world. The Cra-yon collection is created for real world moments. Created in Stockholm by partners Niclas and Christine Lydeen. Cra-yon is the result of a career that spans over 10 years in the niche world of perfumery. Having created previously for brands such as Agonist, Cra-yon focuses on the quality of the juice and creating a halo effect with the fragrance when people are wearing the scents. Cra-yon fragrances are designed to enable the wearer to feel that they are being their best self and spreading joy.

An inclusive brand, Cra-yon believes in challenging the beauty norms, and that prestige perfume should not have to break the bank. They believe in the power of scent and are passionate about ensuring everyone should be able to experience great fragrance. They prioritise sustainability with their brand – both social and environmental and ensure no harmful ingredients are used, only the best quality ingredients and compositions. Cra-yon is vegan and cruelty free. An inclusive, genderless collection, Cra-yon creates modern, everyday fragrance essentials.

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