Histoires de parfums

1969 EDP 15ml

Fragrance Family

Gourmand, Sweet
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The year of the sexual revolution and carnal sensuality this fragrance is the perfect representation of sexuality and rebellion. With accents of White Musk and Chocolate this scent evokes feeling of eroticism for both men and women. A decadent gourmand fragrance, this fragrance takes you to hot and sweaty summer nights. With notes of Fruits of the sun, White Flowers, Chocolate, Peach, Rose, Cardamom, Clove, Patchouli, Coffee and White Musk.

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"This fragrance is unique! I love it’s multi faceted composition, it is worthy of trying. I find it is effervescent, sweet and earthy, gourmand notes I can pick up on are chocolate, coffee and peach, I do not get much patchouli, but these notes give a fizzy effect, very fun indeed..my party fragrance."


"I was lucky enough to first experience Histoires de parfums when I was in Paris in January. Their boutique was gorgeous and the stories behind each scent are so intriguing. I purchased a discovery set and found that 1969 was my clear stand out, so I bought a larger bottle. The warm, spicy qualities are very attractive but it can get a little dirty, by design I’m sure. I’d definitely recommend trialing on skin first."