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1899 EDP 120ml


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Named after the year of his birth, 1899 is inspired by the iconic Ernest Hemmingway. As night casts its shadow over Paris, the city of love and light radiates energy from the splendour of promised freedom, the excitement of a new decade looming. In the streets, artists, poets and performers capture the games, love and seduction of this romantic city. An abundance of champagne flows through the streets and captures the elegance of a seductive night out in the City of Lights. A charming blend of light and dark notes in 1899 captures the complexity in nature of both the city and indeed, Ernest Hemmingway. Adventurous and alluring, 1899 is full of sweet, earthy mystery with just the perfect amount of sparkling bright notes to lure you in.

Top: Italian Bergamot, Black Pepper, Juniper
Middle: Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Florentine Iris
Base: Amber, Vetiver, Vanilla

Gerald Ghislain

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Histories de Parfums is generally about 6 – 8 hours, however we really get at least 8 hours with this particular scent. All Juniper at first (and the Juniper note creates a freshness throughout the scent), the Cinnamon kicks in on the dry down, complimenting the Vanilla quite well for a warm and spicy depth – the Amber and Vetiver standing out on the skin to us.

Rather than the imagined cliques of Hemmingway, this scent captures the romanticism of his writing and transforms it into scent. Juniper echoes cleanliness, while Amber draws you into a deep sensual world. The Cinnamon adds some warmth into this love affair and the Vanilla keeps things sweet. It is a sophisticated, aromatic, woody scent that that we believe Hemmingway would have appreciated himself.

From the incredible imagination of Gerald Ghislain, Histoires de Parfums is an olfactive library telling stories of famous characters, writers, poets and years throughout history. With this perfume library, Gerald Ghislain wanted to evoke stories through scent just as books are written with emotions. Each fragrance brings a story to life and each story is to be read on the skin.

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