Fragrance Personality – Summer Adventure

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz! 

Mostly Bs = You’re dreaming of summer, holidays and beach adventures! You love a pristine white beach, lying out in the sun, relaxing in clear blue waters and wearing no shoes for days on end. You love a warm and creamy fragrance that has floral tones and a hint of sweetness to take you straight to summer in your memories (regardless of the current weather).

Fragonard Belle Cherie – creamy and sweet, this fruity floral fragrance screams summer holidays. With a warmth of vanilla, mingling with frangipani and fruits this is the perfect tropical scent.

Carner Latin Lover – a playful, firey and passionate latin lover in a bottle…this fruity floral fragrance is cheeky and fun with great depth and longevity on the skin.

L’Artisan – Batucada – takes us to carnivale in Rio with a creamy, sweet and minty fresh cocktail, then warm creamy white flowers to give a gorgeous depth.

Histoire de Parfum 1969 – this fragrance is inspired by the sexual revolution of this year – it is playful and sweet with the fruity smells of summer and some chocolate and coffee to give it some oomph!

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