Fragrance Personality – Clean & Floral

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz! 

Mostly As = You want a fragrance that you can wear as your signature scent – something not too overpowering to wear day to day, but transitions well to night. You like something gentle, clean and feminine. We have chosen a variety of soft fresh florals for you with a little wild card thrown in.

Goldfield and Banks Pacific Rock Moss – Our ‘wild card’ pick – the first Australian fine fragrance house, this range pays homage to our landscape and native botanicals. This scent is a walk along the NSW coastline – fresh and clean with the salty sweet beach air.

Carthusia Via Camarelle – Inspired by the main street in Capri and using locally sourced ingredients this fragrance is aromatic, citrusy and earthy all at once. An easy to wear fragrance that is unique and clean on the skin.

Fragonard Jasmin Perle de The – This aquatic fragrance has notes of fresh jasmine mingling with green tea to keep it light yet pretty and refreshing at the same time.

Agonist Floralust – This Swedish perfume house heroes the rose in this beautiful fragrance inspired by the crisp clean air on a Spring morning.

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